​early childhood lessons

Early Childhood lessons are specialized to meet the interests and needs of your child through movement, singing, improvising and playing!  These lessons are a wonderful way to introduce your young learner to the beauty of music at a very early age.  Early Childhood lessons are offered for individual students or groups of children.  Parents are welcome to participate in these lessons as well!

percussion lessons can include The following:

  • snare drum

  • timpani

  • marimba

  • xylophone

  • djembe

  • congas

  • bongos

  • drum set

  • auxiliary percussion

Lessons are available for the following instruments:

  • Percussion

  • piano

  • voice


  • flute

  • recorder

  • clarinet

  • oboe

  • saxophone

  • trumpet

  • trombone

  • cello

  • violin

  • viola