katharine liu, teacher

domenica zarek, student

I am very happy with the music lessons I have obtained . My instructor, Katherine, is impeccable . She is smart and very caring. She is by far the best teacher I have ever had. I am very happy to have been given the great experience of working with her and I intend to continue to do so. Diana is very professional. She is very on top of things . Anytime I have had questions or needed any help she is always there. They are amazing.

dian torres, teacher

louise p., adult student

As a retiree, I wanted to rekindle an interest in piano.  I had taken piano lessons many years ago as a young teenager and had always had a desire to take lessons again.  I had begun to research options for taking lessons when I saw an ad for “Diana’s Music Lessons”.  I really liked the option of taking lessons in my home and at a time convenient for me.  I initially signed up for fifteen lessons. 

Diana sent me a wonderful teacher, Dian Torres.  I could not have been given a more perfect match for me.  I started as an Adult Beginner, since I told Dian that it had been many years since I had taken lessons; and I did not know what, if anything, I remembered.  Dian is a positive individual who is patient, supportive, a good instructor, flexible, and certainly knows how to teach to make a student feel good.  She has given me a new interest to pursue in retirement.  I am enjoying every minute that I spend in my new hobby.  

Diana followed up with me from the very beginning to make sure I was happy with my lessons, instructor, etc.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience. I will be continuing my piano lessons, signing up for a long time commitment and have been assured by Diana that I will have Dian Torres as my teacher!  

karla aristy, teacher

family living in suffolk county

Karla is talented, friendly, gentle and skilled with our three children.  They look forward to her visits and come away singing songs that she covered in their lesson.  Having an instructor come to the home eliminated uprooting the children and "busing" them all over town to get music lessons.  My husband & I are thrilled!

chiung hua, teacher

jeff neuman, parent

Chiung Hua is a wonderful teacher, with a smile and easy manner to encourage and aid in the learning and love of the instrument.  Our daughter is very proud to pull out the violin, apply the rosin and begin her 'practice'.  Couldn't have wanted more as a parent.

 Client Feedback:

hannah epstein, teacher

parent of a middle school student,           brooklyn ny

Hannah is simply wonderful! She is warm, patient, immensely talented and most of all excited to share her love and knowledge of music. As the parent of a middle school student who has only been playing the clarinet for 2 years, I was thrilled with the progress that my daughter had made with Hannah as an instructor after only 5 lessons. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough, she is truly a gem of a teacher.

randolph smith, teacher

jo-anne g. - west babylon, li parent

My 16 year old son plays trumpet and has done so since he was 10.  We've tried many tutors, both locally and as recommended through our school district, but when I came across Diana's Music Lessons, the game changed.  Diana was pro-active and interested in my son's skill set.  She recommended Randolph Smith, and after one lesson, my son said to me, "Finally, a good tutor!"  Randy is a knowledgeable, polite, always prompt and oh yes--an AMAZING teacher! I cannot say enough about how far my son's playing has come in 4 short weeks.  His jazz/symphonic and concert band teachers have definitely seen a marked improvement in his playing and are amazed how quickly he is progressing.  I'm so grateful to have found Randy through Diana's Music Lessons.

Diana lambert, teacher

january aquilina, parent

It was Christmas time and grandma had purchased the children a piano..WOW..were we shocked. Ncholas whos 12 and Shana who is 6 were very excited to begin banging on the keys and making lots of noise! Did not want moms thoughtful gift to end up in the corner with dust. I found Diana in the SouthBay Newspaper she was fabulous! Patient enough for my 6 year old daughter and skilled enough to keep my sons interest. I was amazed how week to week they both got better and looked forward to Diana's weekly lesson. I have to say she's reasonably priced and my children love music and are learning the piano because of her. I would highly recommend Diana...worth every penny!                                                                                                               

joelle britt, teacher

tammy vining, Parent

Originally, I found it difficult to find a highly skilled private viola teacher for my teenage daughter on Long Island.  In August, I saw the ad for Diana’s Music Lessons in my local South Bay paper.  Diana quickly found a very experienced violist to work with my daughter.  Our teacher, Joelle, travels to our home in Suffolk County from Brooklyn every week.  She has quite an impressive resume, including training from Julliard and Manhattan School of Music.  Joelle is a very talented musician, who takes her job very seriously.  She is very organized and is always prepared with a challenging lesson for my daughter.  Under Joelle’s instruction, I am confident that my daughter will continue to excel with the viola.  We are very thankful to have found Joelle through Diana’s Music Lessons.

gianna viola, teacher

upper east side parent

As a first time customer for piano lessons for my elementary school aged children, Diana Lambert, was truly "instrumental" in leading us to lessons with Gianna Viola who has worked beautifully with my children in our home.  Gianna has been patient and creative with the kids and has awakened their interest in music.  Our kids had no instrumental background whatsoever.  We started the children on weekly lessons on a simple and inexpensive electric keyboard.  Now, after several months of lessons with Gianna and seeing the children progress in learning the keyboard, learning to read music and growing real interest...we've purchased a new piano for them and they are loving it!

-Upper East Side Mom